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Our Manifesto
Across Gisana, nomadic tribes are travelling in search of land and resources. They face a battle to survive against the threat of extinction, global warming and natural disasters. In this deflationary 3,333 NFT collection, the battle of the SolMad tribes will take its users on a journey of collective building, discovery and collaboration. Like all great nomadic tribes, the SolMad live mobile.

The journey begins with the SolMad, a Solana-based group of nomadic tribes that are constantly on the move. These communities, who move together in unity, work together to keep each other alive - something which isn’t always possible. They risk their lives in harsh conditions to harvest powerful and valuable resources. Nevertheless, the SolMad tribes are a tight knit community who always support each other.

In the future, look forward to expansive lores, rewarding staking incentives and a DAO, built with a mission to build and invest in the Solana Mobile ecosystem.
Choose your tribe
A SOLMAD NFT has over 1 billion variations. Receive different staking rewards based on the age of your character.
Panuk Tribe
The Panuki people have adapted beautifully to living in the cold, their home is a snow paradise in the north.
They are famous for their talented garment makers, using fur harvested themselves, and their delicious hot drinks.
Zuberi Tribe
The Zuberi people love the sultry heat of the sandy desert, surviving off cacti and undergroung pockets of water.
The most daring of all tribes. They venture through deserts in search of rare artifacts, crystals & minerals.
Mira Tribe
The Mira people live on barges and use the intricate canal systems to move around and trade via boat.
Their ability to fish and navigate the water is integral to the survival of their community.
Briar Tribe
The Briar people live in warm, humid weather amongst orchids and rice paddies.
Grow distinctive produce, like multi-coloured vegetables and crystal-fruit. Their guests are always well fed.

Our staking plans

By staking your SolMad, you will be putting your asset to work and earn Gisana’s $BEADS, which will be usable to win real world prizes, enter into auctions and raffles and partake in SolMad’s DAO. Thanks to SolMad’s vstake tokenomics, the longer you stake your SolMad, the more $BEADS they earn per day.

A wise preacher with vast amounts of knowledge & wisdom.
An adventurous bunch that like to take risks without implications.
The mischievous kind that is rebellious yet still has lots to learn.
What that means.
Tangible benefits.
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